5 Important Questions to Ask Duct Cleaning Company Before Hiring

By: seoteam seoteam On: November 15, 2021 In: Duct Cleaning Comments: 0

Professional duct cleaning is the answer to all of your insecurities whether it is air quality, effective cleaning, effective cleaners, latest equipment, right method and technique, and more. Getting the ducts clean is inevitable as breathing unhealthy air contributed to millions of deaths today. Considering these facts, it’s important to clean your air ducts to get better air quality. 

Other reasons include saving money on energy bills and repairs of the HVAC system, and more. Now that we understand the importance of hiring a heating duct cleaning Melbourne Company, it is also vital to understand that not every company would provide the quality service that you are looking for. Hence finding the right one becomes inevitable and here is what you can ask the company to ensure that you are selecting the right duct cleaning company.

If you can provide proof of your liability insurance?

When a technician is harmed on your property while doing the job, without the liability insurance there are chances that you have to face the fee. A reputable air duct cleaning company would have liability insurance and would not result in showing you the proof of it, if they do you would get the idea if they have the liability insurance or not in the first place. This way you can eliminate this risk.

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Is the quoted price that I actually have to pay?

Unfortunately, air duct cleaning often is used as the infamous bait-and-switch schemes and other dubious pricing tactics to make more money from the customers other than what they offer initially. To eliminate the chances of any needless extras that you would have to pay, ensure that what exact amount you have to pay without any so-called “hidden charges”. 

What guidelines do you follow through the process?

There are agencies and associations that provide the standards and guidelines for cleaning air ducts. You can also look for a company that is either a member of such association or ensures to adhere to high standards and regulations set for duct cleaning.

What chemicals or cleaners do you use?

Your air duct system should be cleaned to help protect your family not just from impure air but also from the hazardous contaminants that could be the result of using such chemicals and cleaners for cleaning the ducts. Make sure that the company you are interviewing ensures that not even the pet is harmed by the chemical used for duct cleaning.

How will you ensure that my home, family members, and pets are safe during the cleaning?

Cleaning air ducts can be a dirty job, there are precautions to be taken such as the use of drop cloths to keep debris off the floor and off the furniture, plastic guards to protect the walls and trim and more. The technicians can wear boots over their shoes to prevent dust and other debris from being tracked throughout your home.

Such minute details would help you get the effective heating duct cleaning Melbourne from the right company.