5 Ways to Be Prepared for the Duct Cleaning Appointment

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Whether hiring the Duct Cleaning Melbourne services for the first time or getting your regular cleaning done, these things will make the cleaning effective. We are all aware of how small efforts can add up to make a great difference this is true for cleaning too. Taking care of the details before the professionals take over the task of cleaning is what this blog intends.

Not just air conditioner duct cleaning, duct cleaning as a whole need you to address each of these steps.

1. Choose the Experts

Your agenda is clear – you want to have duct cleaning in the home. The difference lies in who you have book the appointment with. Have you made sure that the service provider you have chosen has a reputable online presence? They have more numbers of positive reviews online than negative ones. Have you tried to ask your friend and family, if anyone has ever got the cleaning done booked the professionals you have booked an appointment with?

2. Ono on One Talk with The Professionals

Create transparency by making clear what are your expectation from the service provider. Ask them about the method of cleaning they follow, the equipment and the cleaner they use. Get the exact details of the payment for the services they will be providing. Check for is there is any hidden cost. A service provider who is dedicated to providing quality services will respond in a way that can justify your decision of choosing them.

3. Clearing the area before duct cleaning

To save the time of the professionals make sure that you clear the area where the cleaning is supposed to be done so when the professionals arrive, they can start working directly on the ducts. It will also have the furniture from getting the dust and debris on it. It will also ensure that nothing is on the way of professionals to reach out to the duct.

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4. Leaving or staying choice is yours

This is one of the important considerations. The process of duct cleaning involves noise and scattered duct particles. The noise can be unbearable for the children, so decide to keep this in mind. Even if you choose to stay and informing the technician bout it is necessary. This will ensure that they bring the appropriate tools for addressing the safety concerns.

5. Pets Need to Be Secured

Controlling the motion of the pets when the technician is doing their job is a must. They wander around the things they find new to the house. This makes them prone to injuries caused by the equipment brought for cleaning purposes. They also can cause unnecessary disturbance for the professional when cleaning so make sure you secure the pet in a separate room.


As a responsible hoke owner, these decisions will ensure a smooth procedure with any mishaps. You can also ask the professionals for any preparation like laying the protective sheet on the floor to be done before air conditioner duct cleaning or things like this. So next time make sure you have all this in mind.