6 facts you must be aware of while performing duct cleaning

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Cleaning has always been an essential part of routine life, no matter whether it’s domestic or commercial. Nowadays the majority of people rely on AC, fridges, and other heating and cooling systems in their homes for their comfort and luxury. Through this advanced technology needs to be cleaned and inspected from time to time for better health and better performance. These advanced technologies are complex and it can’t be cleaned by self efficiently, so it’s always a good option to hire a professional duct cleaning Melbourne company for cleaning air ducts for complete mould and contaminants removal.

Half of the homeowners don’t take terms like duct cleaning, heating duct cleaning Melbourne, ventilation, and air conditioning seriously but these are the things that you breathe inside your house and workplace so, it’s very important to clean ducts and ventilation system efficiency to maintain a healthy environment.

Some astonishing facts you should know while hiring duct cleaning professionals:

  • Duct cleaning may make your house dirty instead of making it clean.
  • Air duct cleaning is not just a solution for clean air.
  • Generally average home contains more VOCs than the outside air.
  • Duct cleaning may not solve health issues.
  • Destroys germs and allergen completely.

When should I clean my duct?

According to the survey, experts recommend performing duct cleaning every 3 to 5 years. It’s important to get your duct clean:

  • If it seems dirty and visible mould growth.
  • Rodents and insects littering inside the duct.
  • Ducts clogged with a high amount of dust particles and debris.

professional duct cleaning

How much time does duct cleaning take?

There are various factors that can affect the duct cleaning process. Basically, it depends on the size and structure of the home. The average home takes up to four hours to perform total duct cleaning efficiently.


Pros and cons of a duct cleaning:

Pros :

  • It is proven to be beneficial in improving the air quality inside the home.
  • It helps in health improvement.
  • It helps in maintaining a clean and allergen-free home.
  • It prevents disease transmission.
  • It helps to save on electricity bills due to efficient and clean working.
  • It helps to detect leakages and other damage that can help you to save future expenses.
  • It prevents unpleasant odours while maintaining good air quality.



  • According to research, it is found that duct cleaning does not provide prevention with health problems.
  • Duct cleaning may cause trouble to asthma and respiratory patients in the home.
  • Air duct cleaning is expensive.
  • Duct cleaning may spread allergens and contaminants across the surface widely.
  • Many debris and contaminants can’t be detected with the help of inspection or duct cleaning.
  • It may need replacement of filters if it gets damaged.


Endnote: Many people fear that duct cleaning makes their home mess, but it’s, not the true fact. It depends on the cleaning company you hire. Choose Total Duct Cleaning for the dustless and clean duct cleaning service at an affordable price. Other than this, we master various duct repairs and heating and cooling issues.