Are you searching for a dirty ducts cleaning service?

The air ducts in your home are the gateway that transports temperature controlled air into your home. Dirty ducts can potentially mean unhealthy, dirty air which you and your family breathe in. To obtain optimum health for you and your family, hire a professional duct cleaning Melbourne to service them at least twice a year. Our team here won’t leave your property until they are fresh and clean again.

Keeping your house warm in the cold days is very important for a comfortable life, but in the same time it is very crucial to ensure that you and your family members are breathing a quality and healthy air to avoid any health problems, at Total Duct Cleaning Melbourne we focus in our heating duct cleaning about leaving your home after our service with a high quality, clean and healthy air as it is vital for a healthy life for all family members.

Our service will include the cleaning of all air vents either on the floor or in the ceiling and then cleaning the return air outlet (which is vital for the guarantee of quality air as around 80% of the dirt are sitting in this outlet) then will proceed with sanitizing and deodorizing of the duct system by either using the natural herbal disinfectant (Tee Tree oil) or using the chemical ingredients if you prefer.

Our immaculate duct cleaning service will also deodorise the entire ducting system leaving you with a beautify smelling, warm and comfortable duct system for your visitors to envy! We understand the hassle and time it takes to resolve ducting issues, so we will work at your convenience with minimal distractions.

Our leading team will also clean the premises leaving everything spotless protecting personal belongings and other household systems. Call our office today and get a firm quote over the phone to clean your duct system and enjoy a healthy air at home. Amazing dirty ducts cleaning service, for amazing clients!

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Why choose Total Duct Cleaning:

  • Available 7 days a week even at public holidays to discuss your needs
  • All our technicians are well experienced and insured for your peace of mind
  • Affordable prices and you will get a firm quote over the phone without any hidden costs
  • Honest service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy
  • Various payment options to suit all customers ( cash, Visa & MasterCard credit and debit cards and cheques)
  • We can serve your home and business also as we do residential and commercial
  • We serve all Melbourne metro areas plus some country areas
  • We can clean your duct no matter your property (house, unit, office, high rise apartments and more)