Generally speaking every two years is the maximum time before putting your family health at risk, but if you have many young kids or pets at home, then you should be looking at cleaning your ducts every year to avoid any dirt buildup.

When our team arrive at your home, they will first inspect your heating system to determine the level of service required, then they will proceed at cleaning the grilles of the vents and then will insert a hose which has a ball at the end with holes at 45 degree angle that will allow for a high pressure air of around 1600 psi, when pulling this hose out, it pushes all the contaminates in your duct to come out of the duct line where we capture them in a ready commercial vacuum tank, then the team will focus on cleaning your return air outlet thoroughly before proceeding to sanitize & deodorize the whole system

Yes, we do have same day service especially designed for people who got sudden change in their daily plan and require a service on the same day, just give us a call on the morning of that day and we will endeavor to make it happen for you on that day.

Generally speaking up to 7 vents will take around 1 hour, up to 12 vents will take around 1.5 hours and up to 16 vents will take around 2 hours, but please consider extra time if your system has not been cleaned for long time.

We make it very easy to our clients as we accept cash, cheques and credit or debit cards (bank charges may apply), bank transfer and invoices may also be accepted but needing prior arrangement with the company management.

You should consider cleaning of your heating ducts in the months of March –April just before the cold weather hits in May, for the evaporative cooling ducts, you should plan to clean them on Nov – Dec each year just before the hot days of summer hit.

It is recommended to have filter on the return air outlet door as it reduces the amount of dust that goes to the fan, so it will increase the time between the regular cleaning, if you do not have one please let us know when you call us to arrange to fit one to your system.

We can repair the duct lines only if there are any cuts or damage to them, if you require maintenance to your machines, you have to call licensed and certified persons (like gas plumber) to maintain the system as per Victorian regulations.