How Can I Prepare for an Appointed Duct Cleaning?

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Duct cleaning is an important part of keeping your home’s heating and cooling system running at peak performance. It’s also a crucial step in preventing the buildup of harmful contaminants that can put you and your family at risk for respiratory illness. The good news is that you don’t have to do it! Scheduled leading duct cleaning services in Melbourne appointments will help keep your system free of dirt, dust mites, moldmould spores, pet dander and other allergens so your family can breathe easier during allergy season and beyond.

Clear the Work Space for Duct Cleaning

After you schedule your cleaning, you’ll want to remove furniture and other items from the room. If there are any large rugs or other items that could be damaged by the cleaning process, make sure those are removed as well. Large items can be moved elsewhere in the house for now. It’s helpful if you take this opportunity to vacuum up any loose dirt or dust on your floors so it doesn’t get mixed into your ducts when they are cleaned.

When preparing for a duct cleaning, ensure all items such as toys and books from low shelves have been moved out of reach of children and pets during their scheduled visit. 

Consider Your Pet’s Safety

You can do some things to get ready for a scheduled duct cleaning. First, consider your pet’s safety. It’s not unusual for pets and children to be active during this process, which means they could become injured if they run into the work area while it’s being cleaned. If you have any breakable items in your home that could be knocked over or broken by an errant tail or paw, make sure they’re out of reach before calling us so we can come out and clean your system!

Give the pros any information they might need prior to the appointment.

When you make an appointment, provide the professional with as much information as possible. Tell them how many vents and ducts you have, and each size. It’s also helpful to let them know if any of your vents or ducts are unusually large (say, larger than a standard 18″ diameter). This will help ensure that they bring all the necessary equipment and don’t leave anything behind in case you want another cleaning later.

Decide Whether to Stay or Leave

Before the cleaning begins, make sure you decide whether or not you should be present. If you have pets or allergies, leaving the house while they get cleaned may be best. The same goes if there’s already a lot of dust in your home that could get stirred up by the cleaning process. If something important happens while duct cleaning takes place (like a big meeting at work), then it might also be wise to leave the premises and come back when the job is done.


The leading duct cleaning services in Melbourne company will arrive on time and provide you with an estimate before they start the job. They will also ask permission to take some photos of your ducts so they can show you what they looked like before the cleaning took place. Once their work is done, they will let you know what needs to be done next—if anything at all! Hire Total Duct Cleaning for the guaranteed duct cleaning services without any hassle.