How Often Should You Clean The Air Ducts At Your Office?

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Regular duct air cleaning in office buildings improves the air quality and offers a clean, neat, safe and productive working environment for employees. Air duct cleaning aids in the removal of pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Air duct cleaning can boost the health and productivity of employees.

Working in a clean environment with cool air allows employees to concentrate better and prevents them from making mistakes due to heat-induced surroundings.

How Is The Cleaning Process Carried Out?

We are professional duct cleaners, and we use specialised and high-quality equipment to clean the ACMV vents. To clean the air ducts, the whole ACMV system is placed under continuous adverse pressure to prevent the spread of pollutants present in the air ducts.

The constant negative pressure used in the duct air cleaning process eliminates small particles from the air ducts and prevents them from being produced in the office when the system is turned on.

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How Beneficial Is Air Duct Cleaning At Regular Intervals?

Boosts Employee Productivity 

When your employees are healthy, their productivity goes up. 

Low Housekeeping Costs

Air duct cleaning pretty much guarantees that clean air spreads throughout the office and that the system operates efficiently. As a result, housekeeping costs are reduced. 

Increased Airflow

The removal of debris in the air ducts allows the ACMV system to pump more air through, which improves circulation in the working space.

Less Consumption Of Energy

Cleaning air ducts keep the ACMV system from overworking to maintain the desired temperature, which saves energy.

Less Risk Of Respiratory Diseases

Cleaning air ducts improves indoor air quality and reduces the presence of contaminants, lowering the risk of asthma and allergies. Because of these advantages, we recommend cleaning air ducts on a regular basis.

The Cleaning Of Air Ducts Relies On A Number Of Factors, Including:

Presence of insects or animals

If the cooling system’s ductwork has been infested by animals or insects, have it cleaned as soon as possible by our professional duct cleaners.

Mould growth

Mould growth in air ducts indicates the presence of a leak or excessive moisture. It has a foul odour and can cause severe illness.

Mould can cause runny noses, coughs, and itchy eyes, among other things. As a result, the first step in cleaning the system would be to eliminate the source of moisture.


If your office has recently been renovated, the ACMV system will likely draw excess dust into its air ducts. This could result in a flow of dirty air into the workplace.


One of the most obvious reasons to have the air ducts cleaned is to remove pollutants such as pollen, bacteria, dust, and debris. Their removal ensures that clean air flows into the office space and keeps the ACMV system from working harder than necessary.


Office managers know the importance of maintaining a healthy office. Is it time to have your office air duct cleaned? If so, contact Total Duct Cleaning to allow one of our expert duct cleaners to help with duct air cleaning and make your work environment healthier and cleaner.