How to Check if a Commercial Air Duct Needs Cleaning

By: seoteam seoteam On: August 12, 2022 In: Duct Cleaning Comments: 0

Cleaning is a critical part of maintaining the health of your commercial air ducts. If you don’t clean them regularly, they can become clogged with dust and debris, which can cause serious problems for your business. That’s why it’s important to know how often you should clean Commercial duct cleaning Melbourne to keep them running smoothly! Here are a few tips to help keep your commercial air ducts clean:

If it’s been more than a year!

If you have had your commercial air ducts cleaned more than once in the last year, it’s time to schedule a professional cleaning. The longer that debris and dust build up in your system, the more damage it can do over time.

It’s best to have your commercial air duct cleaning completed at least once per year. This is particularly important for businesses such as pet cleaning facilities and laundromats where large amounts of moisture may be present due to water use during wash cycles or spills from pets resting on carpets or floors that collect pollutants from their furless bodies.

Musty smell.

If you notice a musty smell in your home, it might be because there is mould growing inside the ducts. Mould can cause asthma and allergies, as well as other respiratory problems like sinus infections and chronic bronchitis. It can also lead to headaches and fatigue that last for days after exposure to the spores.

Your air filters are likely not clean enough if they’re clogged with mould spores that are still floating around in your ductwork after several months of use (especially if you have pets). The warm, moist environment created by these particles makes them prime breeding grounds for even more growth—so cleaning them regularly will help prevent blockages from occurring over time!

You experience weak air flow.

If you experience weak air flow in your commercial air ducts, it could be a sign that the ducts are dirty or blocked. A weak flow means the fan motor isn’t pushing out enough air to keep your building cool. If this happens, open up all of your vents so they can get cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or shop vacuum attachment (make sure they don’t block any other parts).

If you still have trouble getting good airflow after cleaning and repairing any damaged areas on either side of your heating/cooling units, then it’s possible there is an issue with how those units are designed and installed in relation to each other—so just remember: no matter what kind of problem arises between two systems working together as one unit, always turn off everything first before trying anything else!

Check for mould.

Mould is a fungus that grows in moist areas, such as air ducts. It can spread through water damage and poor maintenance of your heating and cooling system. Mould spores are very small and easily pass into the   where they can cause serious health problems for people with allergies or asthma, as well as other respiratory disorders like sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses).

If you suspect mould on your property, it’s important to take action quickly—if left unchecked, mould will grow into large colonies that can’t be removed from the building structure itself because they aren’t visible from outside!


Now that you know how to check if your commercial air ducts need cleaning, you are almost there. It is important to remember that the best way to ensure your health and the environment is by keeping up on maintenance. A quick check up with a professional Commercial duct cleaning In Melbourne will help ensure that air ducts are kept clean, free of mould and bacteria, which can cause many health issues, including asthma attacks in children as well as respiratory infections in adults.