How to Choose the Right Duct Cleaning Method?

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Are your ducts looking dusty and dirty?  If you notice an unpleasant smell or change in the air inside the house then have a look inside the ducts. It might be a sign that you require air conditioner duct cleaning. By the time, there are so many changes evolved in the cleaning technologies and many more.  There are various kinds of methods of duct cleaning that you might not be aware of.  Duct cleaning plays a crucial role as it is indirectly connected with health. Clean ducts provide clean and fresh air in the home so, it’s very important to get ducts from time to time clean to have clean air inside the house.

Below are the various types of duct cleaning methods:

1) Shop-vac method:

It is the least preferred duct cleaning method and ideal if your ducts are not much dirty.  Many duct cleaning companies used shop vacs for cleaning to prevent other equipment expenses. But by this shop vac, most of the duct corners remain untouched so, it is not suitable if your ducts are not cleaned for many months.

2) Vacuum and brush method:

The vacuum and brush method is effective as compared to shop vacs. The longer hoses are pushed through the ducts while moving and spinning brush that loosens the dirt, however, this method doesn’t have proper suction to clean the debris efficiently.

3) Portable truck unit method:

In the portable truck method, there is no need to have a hepa filter for cleaning ducts. This method creates a high-pressure suction of up to 10,000 cubic foot per minute. It is efficient in cleaning hard and wet soil particles in the ducts. The expert technician runs the hose inside the house and furnace to get the ducts clean effectively.

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4) Full size truck unit method:

This is the excessively efficient method of duct cleaning designed with a powerful vacuum and truck engine. It is the best method to get the duct cleaned satisfactorily. It is suitable to clean large areas efficiently.

5) One full-size truck method:

It is basically a full size truck whose suction hose is connected to the main ducts and supply is turned on to work into negative air pressure hence pulling all the dust and debris into the truck. Here different air tool that is popularly called skipper balls is used inside the duct with high pressure to get the air out.  The skipper ball has small holes in it which bounce and knocks deep inside the duct to clean the remaining dirt inside the inner walls.

6) Hepa vacuum method:

It is basically a large portable duct vacuum with an installed hepa air filter inside the machine.  In this method, the duct is directly connected to the furnace, and the debris place to pull out the dirt with the suction. Hepa vacuum method is better as compared to the brush method because it prevents the dirt from coming back to the home.

Bottom Line: hope you found our blog informative.  By reading the above blog, you might have got an idea about the types of duct cleaning. Choose the best method according to your lifestyle and comfort to have a mess-free cleaning.  Despite the method, it’s important to choose the right duct cleaning company. At total duct cleaning, we offer the premium Duct Cleaning Melbourne service with complete sanitization and deodorizing the duct system to provide you bacteria-free and pleasant air in the house. Get in touch with us today for your duct cleaning douts and requirements.