How to Clean Ducted Air Conditioner Filter?

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The air conditioner filter is a very important part of your home’s heating and cooling system. It helps keep the air you breathe clean and comfortable. These filters are essential for improving the quality of the air in your home, which is good for your health and your family’s well-being.

Since these filters do a lot of work, they can collect a bunch of dust and dirt over time, which might make them less effective. But with regular cleaning and upkeep, you can make them clean and keep the air in your home fresh and cleaner.

Now, you might wonder, “How to clean ducted air conditioner filter?” But don’t worry; we have got you covered with our ducted air conditioning filter cleaning guide. So, let’s dive deeper:

Steps to Clean Ducted Air Conditioning Filter

As we said, the filters in your air conditioning system are really important for clean air. But to keep them working well, you need to clean them. You will need to include filters in your air conditioner duct cleaning routine.

If you don’t clean the filters regularly, they can get clogged with dirt and stuff. This can make them ineffective in eliminating air pollutants, which can lead to unclean air circulating in your home. Ultimately, ignoring the AC filter cleaning can cause problems like asthma and allergies.

Here are some crucial steps you must follow to clean the air filters of your AC system:

  1. Firstly, switch off your air conditioner unit and unscrew the frame with each vent.
  2. Support the grill face while removing the clips or screws, and then remove the air filter carefully.
  3. Once you have removed the air filter, clean it with a hose. Gently spray it from the clean side first.
  4. Now, clean it the same way on the dirty side while pushing all the dirt to the bottom and off the filter frame.
  5. If you find excess dust in your filters, you should use a soft damp cloth.
  6. Then, shake the filter gently to get rid of excess water.
  7. Leave the filter in a warm or sunny area to dry off completely.
  8. Once the filter is dried, reinsert it into the frame. Secure the grill with its screws or clips that were removed in the first step.

And if you have a split AC system, the process might be slightly different. Here’s what to do:

  1. Begin by switching off your air conditioner.
  2. Remove the cover from the indoor unit and gently take out the filter.
  3. Inspect the filter to ensure there are no signs of damage. If you find significant tears in the mesh, it’s time to consider ducted aircon filter replacement.
  4. Then, dunk the filter in a sink or tub filled with warm water. Gently agitate the filter to dislodge dust and contaminants from the mesh.
  5. Remove the filter from the water and replace the used water with fresh, warm water.
  6. Add a small amount of vinegar or mild washing liquid to the water.
  7. Put the filter back in the filled sink or tub and let it soak for approximately five minutes.
  8. Once soaked, take out the clean filter and put it to dry thoroughly before reinstalling it into your air conditioner unit.

How Often do you Need to Clean the Ducted Air Conditioning Filter?

So, you know the “how-to” of cleaning your air duct filters. Now, you might think, “How often should I clean my ducted air conditioning filter?” 

We have got your back for this question as well.

The way you should clean your ducted air conditioning filter depends on how often you use it. If your air conditioner isn’t used much, the filter won’t get as dirty and doesn’t need frequent cleaning, unlike a system that’s always running.

As a general rule, it’s good to clean the filter every two weeks, but if you use the air conditioner a lot, it’s better to clean it more often. And cleaning your filter is not just enough; you must also consider replacing it whenever needed.

The frequency of duct filter cleaning or ducted aircon filter replacement also depends on where you live. For example, if your house is next to a busy and dusty road, you’ll need to clean the filter more regularly than if you live by a clean coast where there’s less dust.

Things to Keep in Mind for Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Keeping your ducted air conditioner’s filter clean is a simple way to keep the system running well. However, you need to follow some additional steps to ensure the longevity of your AC unit.

Here’s what to know:

Check Refrigerant Levels: Low refrigerant levels can signal a leak or improper installation. If you notice reduced cooling capacity, strange noises, or ice buildup in your AC, it might be time to call a professional to check and refill the refrigerant.

Clear Debris: Keep the area near the outdoor unit free from plants, leaves, and junk. Good airflow around the condenser is key to the high efficiency of your AC.

Inspect Ducts: Look for holes or damage in your ducts. Fixing them and adding insulation can stop air from leaking and make your AC work better.

Check Electric Parts: Make sure all the wires and stuff are connected right and working properly. Faulty wiring can result in system failures or even cause a fire.

Clean and Insulate Drain Lines: Clogged drain lines can cause water damage and reduce AC efficiency. Regularly clean and insulate the drain lines to prevent clogs and leaks.

While you can clean the air conditioner filter by yourself and maintain its efficiency, it’s highly recommended to have an air conditioner duct cleaning professional handle regular maintenance and any other air conditioner issues.

The technician will change the filter, clean it, and inspect the entire unit, including checking the refrigerant levels.

All of these steps will ultimately improve your indoor air quality and help you save money on energy bills.

FAQs: Get your Queries Solved

  1. Can a Dirty Air Conditioner Filter Affect the Performance of the AC System?

Yes, a dirty air conditioner filter can significantly impact AC performance. It restricts airflow, reduces cooling efficiency, and may lead to higher energy bills. Regular filter replacement or cleaning is essential to ensure longevity.

  1. How to Clean Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Filter?

To clean a reverse cycle air conditioner filter, first turn off the unit. Remove the filter, wash it gently with soapy water, rinse, and let it dry completely before reinstallation.

  1. What are the Safety Precautions to Take While Cleaning the AC Filter?

When cleaning the AC filter, ensure the power is off. Use gloves and a mask to avoid dust inhalation. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper handling and maintenance to prevent damage or accidents.

Get Started on a Journey to Cleaner Air!

To get the best efficiency and performance of your air conditioning unit, regular filter maintenance is crucial. It is advisable to clean your filters either every two weeks or at the start of each new season as a general guideline.

You have the option to clean the filters on your own or seek the assistance of air conditioner duct cleaning professionals for a thorough cleaning. By doing so, you’ll ensure cleaner indoor air and the removal of airborne contaminants that can trigger allergies. So, an improved quality of life for all your family members.

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