How to Lessen Indoor Air Pollution?

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You will be surprised to find out how much time you spend indoors. Whether it is home, office or business try to remember from the starting of the day till the end how much time you have spent outdoors. Life has gotten so busy that apart from reaching various destinations we do not spend hardly any time outdoors except weekends. This is why the air quality of indoor spaces is important. There are various ways one can keep the indoor air fresh, duct cleaning Melbourne is one of such ways.

Yes, just like the outdoor airs get polluted due to excessive release of various gases, indoor airs do get polluted due to poor ventilation. You would not even realise how much the air is polluted in the room you’re sitting in right now. Just look around and find out if there is proper ventilation around you. If not, then is the air conditioner duct cleaning done on time?

Here are some such ways to keep the indoor air quality good.

●     Air duct cleaning

Apart from other ventilation ways, the air makes its way to your indoor space through ducts. What if these ducts are not cleaned, this means the air making its way through these ducts also gets mixed with the dust and other pollutants of the duct. To avoid this, schedule the duct cleaning services to make sure the ducts are clean.

●     Improve ventilation in the indoor space

Ventilation is the key to keep the air indoors fresh just like water flowing in the river is pure than the water that is stagnant in one place. Keep the windows and doors open, feel the natural breeze of the air sliding by you. It cannot just make the air indoors fresh but also calms the mind.

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●     Take up regular cleaning seriously

What if the indoor space is not cleaned regularly? There would be dust accumulated in the places with less air circulation. The debris will be collected under the furniture. These dust particles get mixed with the air indoors, in the air that you breathe all day long. These dust particles may not always be visible so it is better to clean the place more effectively than breathe polluted air.

●     Install dehumidifiers

Humidity has a major role in mould growth in indoor spaces. Mould is a fungus that grows due to the presence of moisture. Exposure to this sort of air for a prolonged time could put your respiratory health at risk. The increased indoor pollution can make the respiratory disease of the people get worse.

●     Keep plants around the indoor space that cleans the air

Nature has every kind of offer if you look around. Nature is everything necessary for our survival, air, water, food and whatnot. It is time to incorporate nature in our indoor air fresh and clean. Plants like devil’s ivy, spider plant, rubber plant and more have a good impact on the air surrounding you.

Completion line

Apart from ventilation like windows and doors, the majority of the air that comes indoors is through ducts, especially sir conditioner ducts. So air conditioner duct cleaning cannot be neglected.