How To Prepare For A Professional Duct Cleaning Appointment?

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Professional duct cleaning requires some preparation on your part. Whether you’re hiring a team of experts or doing the work yourself, it’s important to know what to do before the cleaning process begins—this will help you make sure that the job is done quickly and correctly. Read on to learn more about how to get your home ready for professional duct cleaning. 

Clear the Space Around Your Vents 

Before any ductwork can be cleaned, it’s important to clear away any furniture or other items that could obstruct access to your vents or other areas of your HVAC system. Anything that could be in the way of the professionals should be moved aside so they can clearly assess and clean each vent. 

Clean Out Your Air Filters 

Your air filters should also be replaced prior to professional duct cleaning. This ensures that all dust and debris has been removed from the area, which lessens the amount of dust in circulation throughout your home during and after the cleaning process. You can purchase new filters from most hardware stores or online retailers, so stock up ahead of time! 

Decide Whether You’ll Stay Or Leave

If you’ll be staying, you can help with the cleaning process and drying process. The technician may need to move furniture or other objects in order to get access to all parts of your ducts. You can also ask questions of them as they work, which may give you an idea of how well they know their craft.

If you’re going to be gone while the professional duct cleaner cleans your system, they will likely want to schedule appointments on days when no one else is home so that they don’t have any issues with privacy or permission.

Remember: it isn’t necessary for anyone but yourself (and sometimes children) in the house when a professional duct cleaning is being performed.

Determine Where You’ll Keep Pets

If you have pets, you should determine where they will be while the duct cleaning is taking place. The last thing you want is your cat or dog getting stuck in the ducts! You can either keep them out of the room or in a kennel. If you choose to keep them out of the room and away from that door, make sure it is closed so your pet won’t try and sneak through anyway.

Also make sure to close any pet door or other entry points into the area where you will be having your ducts cleaned. This includes any window screens and vents that let air into or out of a space like an attic or crawlspace (which are often connected).

Turn Off Your HVAC System 

While you may think it’s best to leave your HVAC system running while professional cleaners are in your home, this isn’t always a good idea. When your system is running, it can cause air pressure changes within your ducts which makes cleaning more difficult and inefficient. 

Before you begin any type of deep-cleaning process, turn off your HVAC system at least an hour before your cleaners arrive so they have plenty of time to prepare their materials and equipment without interruption or risk of injury due to excess air pressure. 


Preparing for professional duct cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult – just follow these simple steps!  If you’re considering having your home’s duct system cleaned, call us at Total Duct Cleaning service experts today! We’ll make sure that your ducts are squeak-free and safe to breathe in, and we’ll clean the air that comes through them. You’re going to love the results!