How to stay safe from the Air Duct Cleaning Scams?

By: seoteam seoteam On: September 14, 2021 In: Duct Cleaning Comments: 0

It starts when the homeowners believe that they can get the same professional duct cleaning services from the service provider out there who is willing to offer the low price. Are you sure that the price that they offer is worth the services they offer? One of the major possibilities is that the service provider is possibly a scammer who is taking the advantage of your hunt for low price service.

Here are some of the ways that would help you keep a distance from the heating duct cleaning Melbourne scammers.

  • Low Prices

One of the most common tactics used by untrustworthy companies and scammers is to attract customers with unusually low prices. 

These low prices are hard to resist most of the time but it is the part of the “bait and switch” technique that will be used on you once they’ve performed the service. Either through add-on or other service charges, they would add a considerable amount on the final bill which would be nothing less than mentioned by the best companies.

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  • Work with Licensed and Experienced Companies

One of the most effective ways to avoid getting scammed is to check that a company is licensed. If the company doesn’t hold one or both of these, you shouldn’t hire them as there is a possibility of the company being untrustworthy.

Along with ensuring legitimate business practices, these licenses also would be proof that the company has knowledge of HVAC cleaning. Apart from the license, you should also avoid working with companies or contractors who don’t have an established reputation. This does not mean that you should restrict yourself from getting the services from accompanying new in town.

Along with the licence collect the reference from the friends and family as it would give you the list of companies that they might have got the services in the past along with the genuine review of their service.  

  • The Mould Inspection Scam

Have you got the coupon for air duct cleaning that states they will provide you with a free mould inspection in addition? Make sure to not the words here, what if after the free inspection is if they find mould which they do every single time? You being the responsible house owner would want to get rid of the mould for which you will have to pay a considerable amount to the cleaning company. 

This added cost would ultimately increase the overall cost that you would pay to the company.

It is quite practical to think that if a company offers you the services at a low rate consistently over the years to all the customers would they be able to be continuing their services for a long time? Keeping all these criteria in mind would provide you with better decision making and the services of an expert company. So make sure to take time to look for reliable heating duct cleaning Melbourne and properly vet them to make sure they are reputable before you make any decisions.