It’s A Scam! Signs to Look Out For While Getting the Ducts Cleaned

By: seoteam seoteam On: September 28, 2021 In: Duct Cleaning Comments: 0

Yes, you heard it right; you can easily get scammed in the name of duct cleaning in various ways and techniques that would be used on you without you even knowing. In some situations, you would walk right into the scam by giving the scammers the chance to the advantage of the situation in their favour. This is the reason why you must rely on no other than the professional duct cleaning service provider.

To save you from any such scams here are the signs that would hint that you are being scammed and say not to whatever the heating duct cleaning Melbourne offer is right away and thank me later. 

Insist On Right Away Decision

A reputable organisation will not pressurise you into making a decision right away. This is something that we all are aware of but still, we often seem to outlook it at times when the offer seems undeniable and the scammers are outing a considerable amount of effort insisting to take the decision before the offer ends. Qualified contractors recognise that home remodelling services are a significant expenditure, and they understand if you need to think about it for a few days before making a choice.

The Costs Keeps On Piling Up

While unexpected issues do arise, be wary if your contractor starts finding the reasons to raise prices. To eliminate the chances of nay end minute cost addition, make sure everything is in writing, and if you’re concerned about price hikes, seek a second opinion.

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They Appear At Your Doorstep

Be wary of a contractor who arrives at your home and claims to be “just passing by.” Advertisements and referrals will bring in new customers for a well-established company. The contractors of such reputable companies wouldn’t be found going door to door to look out for people who might need the duct cleaning. Going door to door in search of work is a solid sign of a scam.

Surprisingly Low Prices

Not to imply that legitimate organisations never provide promotional pricing or discounts, but companies that advertise rock-bottom costs for services should be avoided. Coupons for $90 “whole house air duct cleaning” or “HVAC mould and soot removal” should be avoided. This is how they lure the customers into the scam and they add additional costs which you would have no other choice but to pay as you got the service done. 

Unreasonable Down Payment 

While a fair down payment may be acceptable, an excessive amount — or a request for full payment — is a major straight red signal. A trustworthy provider will request that the majority of the cost of the service be paid when the job is completed and not before. Even the amount of the down payment to be paid would be resistant with the other service providers and not less and surely not likely more. 

Just Do Not Get Scammed To Save A Few Bucks!

Instead, get the heating duct cleaning Melbourne done by reputable professionals.