Protect yourself from COVID-19 by Going for Duct Cleaning

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We all know the COVID19 pandemic has affected humans on a bigger level. Now we all are quarantines in our homes and preventing all types of social contact. While staying at home, it’s crucial to pay attention to your immune system and how can you do that? Well, as many of us already know, the coronavirus attacks those quickly who have a poor immune system or those who are already suffering from an underlying condition. So, duct cleaning Melbourne can be your first move to make everyone in your home healthy and boosting the immune system.

Today, we will discuss certain DIY methods by using which you can clean your duct and prevent coronavirus from reaching inside your house.

DIY Duct Cleaning Melbourne

  • Don’t begin your duct cleaning until you have turned off all the duct switches for the sake of safety
  • Now unscrew the duct covers and clean them with the help of a brush. In case the stains are stubborn and are a lot, use lukewarm water with some soap in it.
  • You can also vacuum the duct but for that you need a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. A normal household vacuum cleaner isn’t strong enough to clean the duct, especially deep into the crevices.
  • Eliminate the overhead grills. You can use a broom to clean the dust in case you don’t have a screwdriver or vacuum to reach. Make sure to cover your face with a mask to protect yourself from the dust and rubbish collected inside your duct system.
  • You will notice that when the duct is cleaned properly, it will automatically enhance the air quality and will prevent the pollutants from entering your home. Also, a clean duct will provide your respiration system the fresh and healthy air to breathe in.

By using these methods, you will be able to get duct cleaning Melbourne. Use it and give a healthy indoor to your family and even your pets.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

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