Significance of Duct Cleaning Melbourne

By: hany1961 On: June 12, 2017 In: Duct Cleaning Comments: 0

You should understand the process of Duct Cleaning Melbourne for ensuring that you can easily clean the ducting system and surely breathe pure air. You should be aware of the fast that the process of air ducting system cleaning for being assured of quality of the air which gets into the lungs of the residents. For example, the sealant for modifying the growth isn’t just a bad solution but can also aggravate this issue.

Inspection before cleaning

A regular system check on the air-inflow system offers the background information of ductwork as well as ventilation involved; it even helps in identifying the problems if any in air-flow system.

The professional may suggest sealing the duct air leakages, as it helps in saving energy and cutting down the utility bills. The clogged filter can be identified as well as replaced, high efficiency pleated filters or electrostatic filter can replace the fibreglass one.

The inspection can help in detecting the mold problems which need to be sorted before starting the process of Duct Cleaning Melbourne. In case your ductwork has been made with sturdy sheet metallic ducts, a biocide can be applied for the purpose of sanitation.

Creating negative pressure

Vacuum cleaning which creates negative currents employs compressed air for removing the dirt as well as debris from the air system. It’s always safe to first exhaust the dirt and dust particles to outdoor air.

Clean duct work

Thoroughly clean the conduits which run across the system. The process of cleaning involves with the help of specialised tools such as nylon brushes or the cable-driven brushes in conjunction with high powered vacuum on supply as well as return sections of the system.

For the fibreglass lining ducts or the fibreboard ducts, employ soft bristled brushes. The insulated air ducting shouldn’t be wet. Just in case if it get mouldy or wet, you should not attempt to clean it as replacing would be the best solution for it.

Clean the other components

Ask your Duct Cleaning Melbourne service provider for cleaning all the components of your cooling and heating system- the surface of the heat exchanger, modes of cooling coils, coil drain pans, coil fins, plenum cabinet interiors, combustion chambers, blower blades, humidifiers, etc.

Dryer vent-cleaning even helps in preventing all potential fire hazards. You should be aware of the fact that any asbestos comprising of the equipment should be handled by the specially equipped and trained staff.

Check the result

You may randomly visual check for presence of dust and dirt on the supply as well as return ducting system and make sure that the air-ducting system cleaning process has been thorough. Just check that all air vents- grills, registers as well as diffusers look absolutely clean and have been re-attached in position.