SOS Signs of dirty Duct System that you can’t afford to miss

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The duct is the major system of your home. It helps the fresh air flow inside your home and with professional duct cleaning you can maintain your home’s HVAC system. You might not have done the duct cleaning in a while, but if you do not do it for so long, it will stop working properly.

So how do you know that your duct is dirty?

To answer this, here is a list of signs that shows that it’s time to clean your duct.


When you turn on your HVAC system, you might see some visible dust particles in the air. A clean duct will never show any dust in the air and if you see some, it’s time to clean your duct by the professionals.

Dusty air register could be another reason for dusty indoor air. After cleaning the air register from the inside to the outside, you might see a reduction in the dust.


Having a weird smell inside your home with no specific source is the biggest sign of the dirty duct. If you have checked everywhere for the smell, but nothing seems to be the reason for that, get your duct checked once. The experienced professionals will visit your place and will recognise the smell. The biggest reason for the smell is trapped mould, debris, and mildew.

Mould or mildew

If you can see black, grey, or brown fungi-like substance on any part of your home, it’s definitely the mould. Unfortunately, you can’t find any initial signs of the mould, and you see it when it’s properly developed. All you can do is just stop it from spreading.

The biggest reason behind mould/mildew in your house could be the dirty duct. An unclean duct produces more moisture and a place which is damp leads to mould.

You need proper vacuuming, sanitising, and deodorising to enhance your indoor or hire heating duct cleaning in Melbourne.

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Collected Debris

Having pet dander, dust, and other debris on the end of the duct is the indication that your duct is probably dirty.

Clean it from the duct and if appears again, call the professionals and let them handle the situation.

Blocked air filter

Another big sign of dirty duct is the debris starts to collect around your HVAC system. This blocks the air filter and blocks the airflow.

If you see this sign of blocked air filter in your home, contact the experts and let them take care of the blocked air filter.

Dirty parts of the A/C

Parts of the air conditioner such as coil and interior could be full of debris, dust, mildew, detritus, etc. This is the indication of dust in your HVAC system, which starts to travel in the indoor air. This can lead to various health issues such as respiratory problem, asthma, etc.

So if you have seen any of the above signs in your home, hire the Professional duct cleaning agency that will completely clean your duct.

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