Which Season Is Best for Duct Cleaning?

By: seoteam seoteam On: July 27, 2021 In: Duct Cleaning Comments: 0

Duct cleaning is equally essential as home cleaning because the air quality of the house depends on the healthy and clean ducts. It can be very embarrassing when any guest arrives and your room smells weird. The experts claim that the time of year when you schedule duct cleaning affects the performance. But logically if we see, the right time for air conditioner duct cleaning is when they are actually dirty. The majority of homeowners prefers spring and fall season for professional duct cleaning.

Well, every season has its own effect on duct cleaning and it depends on the usage of HVAC and convenience. One can schedule duct cleaning at any time of the year according to their comfort and flexibility.

Keep on reading about various seasons to get an idea about the ideal time for duct cleaning!

1) Spring season

Generally in the spring season, most of people love to spend time outdoor hence it becomes easy for professionals to clean ducts without any hassle. Also as the winter goes, the climate becomes to warm up and might cause an increase in moisture hence, it can be a good time for duct cleaning.

2) Summer season

Summer is the season where AC is highly used all time of the day even at the night. Hence, it will accumulate more dust easily due to more frequent usage.  But it might not be the suitable season to clean the air ducts because you may have to bear some time without AC.

air conditioner duct cleaning

3) Fall season

During the fall season, the majority of people spend time indoor hence it’s important to have duct cleaning done to prevent respiratory and other health issues. As you will spend more time inside the house, it is necessary that you breathe fresh and clean air. Duct cleaning in the fall season will also help to get rid of mold accumulation and improves furnace efficiency. So, prefers planning professional duct cleaning during the fall season.

4) Winter season

The Winter season is also the time where people will prefer to stay indoors rather than roaming out in the cold. In this wintertime, the house is more likely to get dusty due to continuous furnace usage for heating the home. Hence scheduling duct cleaning can help to eliminate the allergens and bacteria from the ducts and helps to prevent flu in the winter season.

Though, duct cleaning can be done twice a month according to convenience and duct quality. Give attention to the air quality and HVAC performance, and get it repaired if you notice mildew and musty smell from the HVAC or a change in the health and room temperature.

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