Have you ever wondered how your ducts are cleaned?

By: hany1961 On: July 28, 2017 In: Duct Cleaning Comments: 0

Duct cleaning is essential to maintain the air quality of the home. There are certain steps while the standard Duct Cleaning Melbourne is performed to clean your ducts more efficiently. Even professional Ducted heating Melbourne services provide guidance on how duct cleaning is done.

Certain steps involved in duct cleaning are:

  1. Duct Inspection is performed by professionals: Duct inspections is performed mainly for two reasons.
    1. To check the level of build-up
    2. To confirm the build-up to house owners and to show the difference after cleaning the ducts.

Also, Camera inspection is performed to see the leakage in case of flexible ducts and also experienced Duct Cleaning Melbourne Services are capable of repairing and replacing ducts.

  1. Negative pressure is created by duct cleaning experts: Hence negative pressure is created by truck mounted vacuum devices to evacuate dust and debris out of your duct work. But before doing this they must have the preliminary steps.
    1. Vacuum collection device is hooked to a duct close to air handler –which is the heart of your HVAC systems.
    2. The technician will cut a hole in the duct and insert the vacuum hose and seal where they join tightly as possible.

Now if the vacuum is turned on negative pressure is created evacuating dust particles as they are brushed or blown loose.

  1. An Experienced duct cleaners will agitate the dust first: Here the system is under negative pressure and experienced technicians will use rotating brushes, and simple vacuum cleaners to ensure dust is dislodged properly into the vacuum device.
  2. Clean remaining systems: Professional Duct cleaning Melbourne recommends cleaning remaining components of HVAC system, as well as cleaning air blowers, evaporator pan and drain pan.

The properly trained contractor will perform all these things carefully providing quality service in heated duct cleaning Melbourne and also the Best Duct cleaning services Melbourne.