How to get Air Ducts Cleaned by Yourself?

By: hany1961 On: July 16, 2018 In: Evaporative Cooling Comments: 0

Do you have poor indoor air quality? Yes, you need air duct cleaning. You can make an attempt to clean the air ducts with the help of following DIY Evaporative Duct Cleaning within Melbourne

  • Turn on the air duct system to move the dust along with cleaning

Now, while cleaning, it is best to switch on the fan, or air duct system. The evaporative cooling duct cleaning Melbourne option of cool/ hot must be kept off as you only need the pressure from the fan. This pressure eventually helps to push the dirt and dust towards the shop vac, making it easier for you to clean.

  • Change the old filter

We all know that while you use your air duct system on a regular basis, all the filters block the dust and dirt. This does not allow the debris to get inside the complete systems. Thus, the filter acts as a shield and collects all the dirt. Due to its use for a longer period of time, it may get old and filthy. Under such condition, it is better to change the old filter for better working of the air duct system.

  • Loosen airborne dust particles in your duct vents

You can loosen the airborne dust particles in your duct vent with the help of a vacuum cleaner or the back portion of the brush which you may have been using to clean the dust.

  • Clean the register and duct vent using sanitizer

If needed, and if the accumulated dust particles are too much, you can also use an organic and non-toxic sanitizer to clean the duct vent and register. For this, just mix water and sanitizer of a good brand in an equal ratio. Dip a cotton cloth in this mixture and swipe the parts with this cloth. You will see that all the dirt particles and unseen germs have gone.

  • Vacuum clean the interior of your duct

You may also use a vacuum cleaner to clean several parts present inside your duct. This is because you may not be able to reach the inner parts of the duct system. Thus, under such condition, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner as it can suck away debris efficiently with its air pressure through evaporative cooling duct cleaning service in Melbourne.

  • Sanitize the entire duct systems using Tee Tree Oil

The best sanitizer you can use while cleaning the duct system is Tee tree Oil. This oil is perfect to remove all kinds of unseen germs and bacteria which may breed due to the dust and dirt.

  • Deodorize the duct works if needed

Due to the presence of dirty particles, a foul smell may develop inside the air duct system. When you are done with evaporative duct cleaning Melbourne in the air duct system, you can use a room freshener or your favourite deodorant in order to deodorize the room and the ductwork system as well.