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Say No To Dirty Duct With The Professional Duct Cleaners

Total Duct Cleaning is Located in prime location, we are always available for providing best residential duct cleaning with the best duct cleaning they always require. We are leading duct cleaners who belives in providing healthy indoors to our patrons and value to their money. If you have an HVAC system, take the best advantages of our next-gen duct cleaning Melbourne services.

We understand that duct emergency can knock your door anytime. That’s why we provide 24/7 assistance with that too on 365 days of the year. To ensure that you always stay safe, we provide emergency services in the time of climate hazards.

So, hold our expert hands to get a reliable heating or cooling duct system.

Did You Know?

  • Our customers have experienced the improvement in their indoor air by 70%
  • Most of the clients have saved almost 15% to 20% on their utility bills
  • Many homeowners have decreased their allergies and respiratory diseases


All of the above has happened to our clienteles after we cleaned their dirty duct.

We don’t only focus on cleaning your duct system, but also preventing future issues so that you don’t have to face any sudden duct crisis. So let the professional duct cleaners reach to the root of the non-functional duct and revive its performance.


Before After Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Extracting dead animal by replacing the damaged duct line to give you an instant relief

Why Should You Hire Total Duct Cleaning Company?

Generally, there are many reasons to hire any duct cleaning services but our cleaning services have that x-factor that might have been searching for a long time.

We Provide The Following Services:

  • Duct repair
  • Heat duct cleaning
  • Evaporative Cooling duct cleaning

All our services can sanitize your indoor air and prevent various diseases, moulds, rodents, and decrease your electricity consumption.

With duct Repair, its damaged parts are replaced with the new ones and it is made capable of running efficiently at fewer energy loads.

The second service involves ducted heating cleaning and repair that ensures that your heating system is running smoothly by investigating its internal integration. The heating duct is cleaned thoroughly.

The evaporative cooling duct cleaning is the best way to make summers happier by taking out the dust and dirt particle.

Rising pollution is affecting indoor air and the ducts as well.
And, if you are thinking about why you even need duct cleaning, the answer is simple – because it is dirty.

Your duct system starts getting build-ups and dust particles over time. These build-ups can gather in a large amount and circulate polluted air in your home. Also, it can even lead to mould formation, which is an invitation to various pests and rodents. Not only this, but the dirty duct can also get clogged and make the cooling or heating system consume more electricity. If ignored, this can set your house on fire.

Our Professionals

The biggest reason behind our success is the team of enthusiasts who are always ready to clean any type of duct. Each individual at Total Duct Cleaning has more than 5-years of working as a professional air duct cleaning agent. It’s their efforts and intellect mind that the company has treated many damaged and clogged drains with long-term results. Perhaps, that’s the reason for many of our clients being with us from day one.

Each employee at our organization is trained and highly-qualified to perform duct cleaning procedure.

Our Equipment

Our duct cleaning soldiers are not complete without their equipment. We have a high range of cleaning and repairing equipment & tools that make cleaning easier. When cleaning your duct, our experts ensure that the equipment cleans your duct without damaging the other parts of it.

Our tools& equipment works on advanced technology. That’s why you don’t see single dust or stain in your duct after the cleaning is done.

Our Prices

The major reason for many Melbourne residents to choose our duct cleaning company is the fair prices.

We believe in honesty and that’s why we don’t include any hidden charges in our services. Unlike other cleaning services, we first understand your duct issues, visit your place to examine the duct and provide you with a package that involves all the necessary cleaning processes. Providing your prime cleaning experience at the lowest possible price is our main motive.
Save Big by going for our duct cleaning Melbourne right now!


Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Ph : 1300 424 114


Total Duct Cleaning

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction or we will redo the job again for free.This has never happened but we like to offer this as peace of mind to our valued customers

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Here are some of our client we provided service.


Dirty ducts can potentially mean unhealthy, dirty air which you and your family breathe in. If you found something wrong with the home or office air duct where you are spending the maximum time of the day then, seek expert cleaning services at least twice in a year.

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