The process of Duct Cleaning Melbourne

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The air ducts are the hollow tubes which are square, rectangular or round. They are made of sheet metal typically. They are mainly responsible for the transportation of heated or cool air inside the building and that is why Duct Cleaning Melbourne is very important for every house.

Cleaning the air ducts need to be a part of the house maintenance system. It’s very important that they are cleaned and maintained regularly; regular maintenance helps in efficient functioning of the ducts. Dust and dirt can cause these ducts to break down and replacing the ducting system would be quite expensive.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning Melbourne

There are various benefits of Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne.

  1. The very first benefit is that it helps in removing the dust from coils of air ducts. This helps in cutting the usage of energy by a great extent. This helps in huge savings of the electricity bill.
  2. Duct Cleaning Melbourne is very important for maintaining good air inside the building. Dust, dirt, toxins, rodent droppings, mould, pet dander, allergens and pollen are most commonly found in the air ducts while it is cleaned. In case the air ducts aren’t cleaned regularly all these particles are blown off in the air so that other can breathe in. Even if the ones breathing the polluted air don’t suffer from some allergies, these kinds of particles may cause some severe illness.


Before cleaning the air ducts make sure that you cover each of the heat vents with plastic bags. The bag will act as a protective shield from the dust generated during the whole process of Duct Cleaning Melbourne. It also helps in deciding if the machines used for cleaning the vents have proper suction.

Before the work begins, the professional would drill a good size hole in trunks of the furnace. The sizeable hole is then covered with a big vacuum tube and then fastened in the right place. A high power vacuum cleaner helps in connecting to the tube and it is used for removing the dirt and debris from the ductwork.


A very tiny hole is then drilled in the furnace and a brush with long handle is employed for pushing through the vents and disengages any of the remaining dirt and debris. There are various objects which may find their way in the vents. This causes blockage that affects productivity of the heating and cooling system.


Once the vents have been cleaned and any kind of blockages are removed, the vacuum is disconnected from the trunk of the furnace and plastic bags are removed from the vents. The process of cleaning with the help of Duct Cleaners is completed with the holes being made carefully for keeping them perfect.

So this is how the process of Duct Cleaning Melbourne is undertaken.