Signs to Get Duct Cleaning Immediately

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Air conditioning has become now a basic essential for every domestic as well as commercial sector. HVAC is important to maintain the fresh air inside the room, it’s important to give attention to the signs of air ducts to ensure that AC works in good condition. Air ducts start giving signs when they are dusty or moist, always get Professional duct cleaning once or twice a year to get the fresh air and prevent the airborne disease from spreading. Continue reading the blog till the end to determine the signs of dirty ducts before it’s too late!

Ignoring the air filter for a longer time

Get the air ducts and filter clean on the regular basis. If you don’t remember the last time you replaced the air filter, this is a pretty good sign that you’re pretty late. 

Mould growth

Mould are the bacteria that grows on hot and moist area. As air ducts and filters are congested area that is difficult to reach for cleaning. It can be difficult to identify mould through the naked eye. 

Find a dirty air vent

Dirty air ducts are easy to inspect as it starts releasing foggy or dusky smell. Dirt gets trapped into the air ducts after a certain time hence it’s crucial to get it clean on time. 

Unusual sound

You may notice Popping or rattling sound at extreme temperatures, as insulation expands and contracts the metal. Get your AC inspected if you hear any abnormal sound. 

professional duct cleaning

Uneven airflow

If you notice one room looks colder than the other, even after all the vents are fully open then there might be an issue in the air vent. This may indicate a problem of dirt and dust buildup that requires an affordable air duct cleaning service. 

Increase in electricity bill

If you noticed increased electricity bills even after using less AC then there might be some issue with the air ducts that is consuming more power. Dirty air ducts can block the airflow resulting in higher power consumption. Also, it might be the possibility that insects or other creatures live inside the air ducts.

Sudden breathing problems

There are several possible causes for breathing problems, many of which may not be related to your air ducts. However, some of them may be directly related to the dirty air ducts. If you or your family have allergies, dirty pipes can make them worse. The best way is to contact professional duct cleaners that will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Too much dust

Certainly, every house gets dusty after a certain time. If this becomes excessive, or if the air filter is replaced more often than usual, it is advisable to clean the duct. 

Recently completed refurbishment

 Large refurbishment projects can allow large amounts of dust to enter the air ducts. After a large conversion, it may be time to clean the air ducts before dust and debris settle in the air ducts.

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