When and How Often Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

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Dirt has a way of creeping into your home and setting in. They will find their way into your air duct system over a year, wreaking havoc on the efficiency of your system.

So, when was the last time you double-checked whether or not your duct air was clean? It was perhaps longer than it had to be. Most people do not think about their ducts because they are clean enough. If you haven’t cleaned your air ducts recently, you may notice that a coating of dust appears immediately after dusting your home. 

HVAC systems collect dirt and debris, attracting unwanted visitors like rodents looking for a nesting site. As a result, you’ll have to pay extra to cool or heat your building. That is why getting a residential duct cleaning service from a professional, which ensures that all of the components are working correctly, is one of the most excellent methods to lower your utility bills.

How Oftentimes Should You Need to Get Clean Your Air Ducts?

The channel collects dirt even with the best filters. Don’t misunderstand that you don’t need to clean the channels because the system has filters. Some particles escape through the filter or otherwise enter the system. 

Ducts accumulate particles, especially when living in heavily polluted, surrounded by construction, or especially in windy and dusty areas, and turning on the HVAC system can clog them and affect the house’s air quality. It is why you need to get proper maintenance of the system, and replacing the filter twice a year can extend the interval of professional cleaning. 

The team at Total Duct Cleaning knows what it takes to have your HVAC system functioning smoothly and efficiently as experienced air duct cleaning technicians. Thus, maintaining the right temperature in your home is vital for your comfort and that of your family. 

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When Is the Ideal Time to Clean My Air Ducts?

Cleaning an HVAC duct does not take as long as replacing the entire system. However, it is still in the season when you engage with a residential duct cleaning service probably does not need the system to have enough time to clean the duct thoroughly.

The best time to clean the ducts is in spring or early autumn. After you no longer need to use the HVAC system to heat and cool your property, but before you need to use it again. 

As soon as you turn on the HVAC system, you may have noticed a dusty or musty odour. This odour means that the vents have dust and dirt blown into the room, along with cold or hot air from the HVAC system. 

There’s a lot of discussion about outdoor air quality and how it may be improved. However, many people are unaware that poor indoor air quality impacts your health. Without the help of a professional residential duct cleaning, these difficult-to-reach systems can be challenging to clean. Total Duct Cleaning is here to help you with all of your duct cleaning needs. Call us right now if you’re ready to invest in your indoor air quality with a professional duct air service.