Most Common Types of Mould in the Air Ducts

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Mould – This simple looking term has spread terror in many countries in post-covid conditions. Many of us ignore the existence of mould until we experience the actual threat that can ruin our lives. Regular Duct Cleaning Melbourne has become an utmost need in recent times as the level of pollution is continuously mushrooming.

If not today, then when?

This is the right time to wake up and spread awareness about the health threats mould can bring up and how important it is to seek air conditioner duct cleaning services whenever you find the growth of mould around you.

Mould can be harder to identify at the start, but once it takes a pace and starts growing, it will become tough to control them and stop them from spreading health damages.

Where do you find them the most?

They are usually found around dark and damp places and around areas where there are low temperatures compared to other areas of the place. For example, godown or basement areas have more dampness and there will remain high chances to sprout up mould.

Also, if your home wall remains wet or there is a continuous water tank leaking in your house, the situation can get worse over time.

Air conditioners are also equipment where there remain high chances of damp because they hold moisture and remain damp most of the time. Due to it, mould can occur in any part of your home.

However, the temperature inside air conditioners is lower compared to other areas of the home.

Before mould can take your precious life & happiness away from you, know what types of mould there can be around you.

air conditioner duct cleaning services

Acremonium Acremonium is one of the most toxigenic moulds that keep on growing with time and appearing as a white powdery form. It can grow and breed anywhere around you where there are high chances of wetness and dampness.
Alternaria It looks like a green or brown velvet-like appearance. It can grow at any place from where water passes continuously.
Aspergillus Identifying such types of mould is tough because it can take different forms. There are different colours that it can take such as yellow, green, or white.
Chaetomium The colour of this mould remains inconsistent over time but mostly, it looks like a brown substance with a cotton-like texture. Many times, you find this type of mould on walls or air ducts.
Fusarium This type of mould grows on the walls and other surfaces that are damaged due to water.
Mucor Mucor is one of the most life-threatening moulds and it can occur in air conditioners and air vents. Once you find them, you should seek a quick cleaning because it can create a massive terror.  
Stachybotrys Such types of mould appear in ducts or air vents in the form of blackish substances. You can easily spot this type of mould that quickly grows.

Such a scary thing is to get affected by mould as it can lead a person to health problems. Perform expert Duct Cleaning Melbourne with Total Duct Cleaning Melbourne today and knock down all the chances to fall sick.